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10 Excuses Every Student Has Used To Get Out of Doing Work

Every time you have a new essay you say to yourself that THIS is the time you’ll be organised about it and get it done weeks in advance. Except it isn’t. You make the same excuses you always do.

1. You work better under pressure anyway.

Sure you do.



2. The library is too busy during the day.

You’re not going to find a seat and there will be no books anyway. It’s not worth the walk…



3. And it’s too quiet at night.

It’s just plain creepy. You don’t really want to get murdered for the sake of a 5 credit essay.



4. There’s no point in working at home.

Too many distractions. End of.



5. Others can help you out.

If you wait a bit, others will have done all the work already and may be able to inspire you in some way.



6. You’re distracted by TV.

You might as well watch all those programmes before you begin, so the temptation isn’t there any more.



7. You need to make full use of all the opportunities at uni.

Everyone is always telling you that uni isn’t just about the academic side. When else are you going to get the chance to play in sports teams, sing in choirs, drink until your sick and take part in all manner of other activities?



8. You’ve earned a tea break.

You haven’t. You’ve written the title.



9. Your room is too messy to study in.



10. You want to use all the available time.

It’s no good getting it done early – you’re just going to panic that you’ve left something out or could have done it better in some way. You may as well just leave it until the last possible minute.



5am, we meet again.

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