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10 Reasons Why Working in Retail Is Perfect For Recent Graduates

You made it through university. Finally you have earned your freedom which you fully deserve. But now everyone is pressurising you to find a job as quickly as possible.

Ending up in retail may feel demoralising at times, but it could be the best decision you ever make.

1. It’s flexible

You can negotiate hours meaning you still have time to see friends. And if you are sick, you won’t return to a million items on your to-do list and a pile of paperwork.



2. You can still have lie ins

There’s no commuting involved which means there shouldn’t be any ungodly hours for you. If you choose your shifts carefully, that is.



3. You can do other things on the side

Your frequent days off and shorter hours mean you are more than ready to take on extra activities. Whether that’s volunteering, indulging in hobbies, work experience, travelling or seeing friends, it will definitely benefit you.



4. Discounts

Everyone is pining the loss of their student discount. At least you still have a discount in one shop.



5. You can continue pretending to be a student

The lifestyle is pretty much the same. You still watch copious amounts of Netflix on your days off, you can still turn up hungover and no one will really notice (as long as you just sit quietly in the corner), and you are still surrounded by young people.



6. You’ll learn some vital skills

Principally, acting professionally when you are met with an idiot.



7. It ensures there’s no gap on your CV

Future employees DON’T LIKE GAPS. This has been drummed into you from every careers counsellor you have ever met. And ‘retail’ looks far better than ‘sponged off my parents’



8. You’ll have something to talk about when people ask what you’re doing with your life

All you ever hear as a graduate is, “So, what’s next?”, “What are you going to do with your life?” and “When are you going to start paying rent?”. At least this way you can give a solid answer.



9. You are getting paid

The wage probably won’t be amazing but it’s better than nothing. And far better than you are used to as a student, so you will still feel  pretty rich!



10. And it gives you time to decide what you really want to do

University has been a bit hectic, and graduation does seem to creep up on you very suddenly. But now you have plenty of free time and an opportunity to think about what you are passionate enough about.



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