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6 Reasons Why Your First Graduate Christmas Is The Worst

You might have made it through education in one piece, and you may even be marginally better off than you were as a student, but as you arrive in your first Christmas period as a graduate you begin to notice the disadvantages to your change of lifestyle.

1. Work becomes more difficult

Wherever you work, especially if it’s customer-facing, things just kick off over the Christmas period.



2. And you’ll probably be required to work Christmas Eve and/or Boxing Day

The whole point of Christmas is to eat, drink and be merry. But your job will do everything to ensure that just isn’t possible.



3. You’ll experience weekend Christmas shopping

Everyone knows that, during December, the optimum time to visit the shops is a Tuesday morning. That way you can avoid all those full-timers who are running around like headless chickens and attempting to buy everything they need in time for Christmas. But suddenly you have joined them. And now you know what an absolute nightmare it really is.



4. And the ordeal that is the office secret santa

You’re the newbie in the workplace so it’s important you make a great first impression by purchasing an amazing gift… which is pretty difficult when you don’t really know anyone.



5. It sneaks up on you

At uni, you don’t stop talking about Christmas from Halloween onwards. With all the Christmas socials, meals, fetes and themed lectures, plus with the extra long holiday, you are more than ready for Christmas when it finally arrives. But within the working world, you don’t have time to think about it until two weeks before at the very earliest, making it so much more stressful.



6. You’re expected to participate and help out

Now you have finished your education and are fully integrated into the adult world, your parents finally seem to view you as an official adult. Therefore you are suddenly expected to help out a lot more than you used to. Your days of lying on the couch, drinking bucks fizz and watching Christmas films, while your family cooks around you, are over!



At least you don’t have to feel guilty about not writing your essays on Christmas day.

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