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7 Fatal Mistakes You Now Realise You Made at University

When we were at university we were young, carefree and a little bit stupid. We squandered our money away on drinks and nights out that we can’t even remember, we wasted our time and barely made it through our degree with an ok-ish mark.

With the wonderful benefit of hindsight we might have done things a little differently.

1. You didn’t keep in touch with the successful students.

AKA the boring people. Of course, they weren’t boring at all – they just wanted to get a good degree and are now in top graduate jobs. If only if you’d paid them a little more attention, maybe, they would help you get a good role in that high-flying company as well.



2. You ruined alcohol for yourself.

So much drinking, so many bad experiences! Now there is nothing left you can drink without recalling a particularly heavy night and subsequently feeling the need to puke everywhere.



3. You didn’t travel.

Now, you would literally kill to have an 8 week break in the middle of the year. But what did you use it for when you were a student other than procrastination? Very little.



4. You spent too much time being hungover.

All those free days where you could have earned (and therefore saved) more money or gained experience in the field of your dreams. Instead you had to hide in bed, away from the light. Time was not well spent.



5. You didn’t really retain any knowledge.

Could you pass your exams if you took them now? No. You spent 3 years and thousands of pounds studying history, yet you can’t remember exactly when the Battle of Hastings was, or why it started, or which kings were involved. In fact, you can’t recall anything that you were taught despite your degree grade. Hmm.



6. You didn’t appreciate all the opportunities you had.

There was so much time to join choirs and sports teams and other assorted clubs – and it was all right on your doorstep. But somehow you didn’t do any of it.



7. You didn’t use your student card to its full potential.

All you seemed to use it for was for entry into clubs. Imagine all the things you could have bought at bargain prices, the money you could have saved on food and so much more.