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7 Things You Said as a Student Vs. What You Say Now

Leaving university is a massive step. But who knew that you were going to become a completely different person?

1. “Let’s go out” vs. “Let’s go to the pub”

Suddenly you just can’t seem to handle the all night benders you used to do every day of the week as a student. Now even dragging yourself down the road to the pub for a few drinks seems like an effort.



2. “I have to be up early tomorrow” vs. “I have to be up EARLY tomorrow”

As a student you didn’t even know the meaning of the word early. Rolling out of bed 10 minutes before a 9am lecture, seems a lot easier now you have to be up at 6am every day.



3. “I hate bills” vs. “I hate tax”

Council tax is the bane of every graduate’s life. Goodbye, money.



4 “I don’t have enough time” vs. “I actually have no life”

Forget having a social life as a graduate. You are either working or too tired.



5. “I can’t wait to be independent” vs. “I just want my parents to look after me again”

Freedom is a double edged sword. Yes, it’s absolutely lovely not to have to explain where you are going every second of the day, but on the other hand, now you have to do really boring things like cook and clean and washing.



6. When on Facebook: “Wow everyone’s lives are way cooler than mine” vs. “Why is everyone getting engaged???”

Yeah that’s a thing that happens now.



7. “I can’t wait until I leave uni” vs. “I wish I was still a student”

Take full advantage of your student days while you can. You are going to miss them as soon as you leave.



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