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9 Struggles People Who Worry Too Much Will Recognise

There are two types of people in this world – those who are laidback and those who worry. And much as you would love to be chilled out about life, that just isn’t possible. Life is so much harder if you stress about everything, and laidback people just don’t understand these struggles.

1. You over-plan everything.

This is a lose lose situation. You stress if you don’t organise everything down to the tiniest detail and you stress when you do in case it goes wrong. And don’t even bother thinking about doing something spontaneous.



2. You sweat over the small stuff.

Well, it might seem small to everyone else…



3. And freak out over the big stuff.



4. If that wasn’t enough, you take on everyone else’s worries too.

Some people tease you that you just enjoy worrying. News flash… you don’t.



5. All that stressing can cause you to be pretty grumpy.



6. Which leads people to make some snide remarks that just aren’t necessary.

Well forgive me for worrying about whether you will get an interview from the dream job you applied to.



7. You are never able to relax. Ever.

What even is the meaning of that word?



8. Which limits your social life a lot.

You are constantly exhausted.



9. The only time you aren’t worrying is when you’re drunk. So you do that quite a bit.

And we all know that only ever ends badly.



The world just wouldn’t function without us.

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