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The 7 Stages of Being Single at University

Everyone always thinks university is the perfect place to find a relationship. You have the opportunity to meet so many new people, it is the perfect time to fix your single status. On top of which everyone says they found their life partner while studying at university.

But is it really as perfect as it seems? These are the single stages you’ll go through while at uni.

1. You’re single and ready to mingle.

You start university in such a positive stage, not caring about your relationship status and determined to embrace student life.



2. You realise that freshers’ week is all about awkward mornings after and avoiding people you’ve slept with.

During Freshers’ Week it becomes clear that a lot of people just want to sleep with as many people as possible. Which is, of course, not what everyone is looking for.



3. You encounter beer-goggle problems.

Quad vods do things to you. That hot person you pulled last night turned out to be nothing special at all. If only you listened to your friends’ warnings…



4. Then you enter the dead zone.

You now a hit a very quiet point in your dating life. You don’t want to just go around getting with people for the sake of it, but even when you try it seems to be a lot harder than before.



5. You resort to Tinder.

You feel a little fed up with the usual people you see every Friday night, and to be honest you could use the ego boost. So, you reluctantly download Tinder. Then immediately question why you hadn’t done it sooner – so many attractive people, who find you attractive as well!



6. But then come the awkward dates.

You find that Tinder dates are so much worse than normal ones. Not only do you have all the normal worries, but you also are not entirely sure if you will recognise them, and have a little trouble finding common ground as you have never spoken to them before. 9 times out of 10 you find yourself thinking “ah, so that’s why you’re on tinder.”



7.  And the whole world sucks.

So here you are, repeating stages 4-6 waiting for a miracle to happen.



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