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14 Struggles of Returning To Your Part-Time Job During The Christmas Break

After working relentlessly to meet your end of term deadlines, all you want to do is get home and enjoy a break over Christmas. But with presents to buy, another term to fund and your next student loan installment still weeks away, going back to your part-time job is a reluctant necessity. Here’s why it hurts so much:

1. You find it impossible to get back into a routine.

9-5 just doesn’t work for you anymore.

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via tumblr.com

2. Your shifts seem to be never ending.

After getting used to hour-long lectures, you can’t help but clock watch your way through those eight hour shifts.


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3. You’d forgotten just how demanding customers can be.

From frantic Christmas shoppers to rowdy work dos, the festive season brings all kinds of irritating behaviour from hard-to-please customers.


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4. And your customer service skills leave a lot to be desired.

After spending the last few months hibernating in your uni room, you’re a bit out of practice when it comes to making small talk.


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5. It can feel like your colleagues resent you for only showing your face a few times a year.


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6. You often feel like a newbie again.

Missing out on several months’ worth of gossip has left you feeling a little out of place.


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7. As the lowest in the pecking order, you get landed with all the worst shifts.

Say goodbye to any Christmas or New Year plans you had.

via ohsojack.co.uk

via ohsojack.co.uk

8. You have no time to catch up with friends from home.


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9. And your family make you feel bad about not spending enough time with them.

Although you’re pretty sure they’re the ones who wanted you to get a job in the first place…


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10. The free time you do have is spent on uni assignments or cramming for January exams.


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11. With little time to relax, Christmas comes and goes far too quickly.


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12. It can feel like you’re going back to uni more exhausted than when you left.


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13. But you just try to think of all that money you’ve earnt.

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14. That is, if you haven’t spent it all already.

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