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16 Things You Miss Now You’re No Longer A Solent Student

The best, drunkest and fastest three years of your existence is now over. All those things you took for granted, or even loathed, you have already began to miss. Except choosing between five sweaty flights of stairs in RM or waiting for the lift, no one misses that.

1. Having breakfast in The Dock.

So cheap, so greasy.


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2. Finding any excuse to go out.

Birthdays…exams…It’s a Tuesday.


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3. Being in a society.

You are a brotherhood, an unstoppable force. You probably never saw each other sober. And now its over.


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4. The cheese room on an Oceana Wednesday.

Who cares that the exact same songs played every single week. What you’d give now to be belting out ‘Let it go’ and the entire Greece soundtrack, letting your inner freak flag fly.


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5. Summers spent on Buddha’s rooftop terrace.

It was all too easy to be dragged into an afternoon of cocktails when you were on your way to the library. No regrets.


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6. The rivalry between Southampton Uni and Solent Uni.

It’s not that serious, but we all know who we’d rather be.


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7. Daring to step foot into Jesters.

There was nothing more fun than being on enemy turf, wading to the toilets and downing enough quad-vods to fill a paddling pool.



8. The constant fear of running into a Tinder match in the library.

Or Sainsbury’s… or the gym… or the street since we all lived on the same fucking one! #TeamWilton


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9. Yates £1 drinks.

What better way to celebrate a Thursday night than by going out with a tenner, getting drunk, throwing up on Yates carpet and finding your mates in Zorbas.


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10. Getting your student loan dropped into your bank.

Because poor.


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11. And then spending it all in the West Quay lock-in.

We were all slaves to student discount.


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12. Mid-week hangovers.

Say goodbye to the days spent in bed all day with a takeaway, ignoring responsibilities.


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13. Visiting your parents instead of living with them.

This has now become the main driving force in trying to move out ASAP!


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14. Living in Bedford Place.

Everything you ever needed, less than ten minutes from your house.


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15. Having actual goals.

Sure writing 10,000 words nearly broke us, but now we are all stumbling around awkwardly wondering what you can realistically do with a sports degree.


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16. Being with your friends constantly.

You’ve been through it all together, driven each other mad and probably know them a bit too well. Now you all live too far away from each other, and you’d give anything to do those three years all over again, with the squad by your side.


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