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17 Reasons Why Jesters Is Actually The Best Night Out

It may be have been voted the worst nightclub in England, but that doesn’t stop us from going every single week.

1. You never have to spend more than a fiver.

And if you do, good luck to your liver.


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2. Because shots are only 50p on Mondays.


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3. Actually, all of the drinks are insanely cheap.


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4. They actually serve Quad Vods.

Which is exactly what the name suggests


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5. And the infamous Jesticle cocktail.

We’re not quite sure what’s in it, but we’ll have three.

6. The dress code is zero effort.

Which means more time for drinking.


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7. But everyone loves a bit of fancy dress.

Naturally I am the fairest of them all. 💁🏼⭐️🏑👑 #wessex #squadgoals

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8. And wearing wellies is encouraged.

Because everyone needs a pair of ‘Jester Shoes’.


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9. Solent and Uni of actually mingle.

Because no one can judge anyone who’s in Jesters.


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10. The smoking area might be more awesome than the bar itself.

Which is basically just a cave with a disco ball.


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11. You can practice your swimming on the way to the toilets.

Just don’t question exactly what you’re swimming in.


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12. And while you’re there, admire the classy interior design.

Two toilets in one cubical, how thoughtful.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 21.55.21

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13. But there are always some kind words on the toilet doors. 

If there even is one.


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14. The music is always banging. 


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15. You can go to Manzil’s afterwards for the best all you can eat curry.

You couldn’t ask for a better drunk meal.


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16. And despite your state the next day, you know it was all worth it.

And you’ll do it all again in a week.


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17. Because the worst nightclub in England is also the best.

You do you, Jesters! 🙌


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