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12 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go To The Hobbit

You haven’t completed your Solent student experience until you’ve taken a trip to The Hobbit and even once you have, you will not rest until you’ve achieved the Fellowship Challenge.

1. Yay, it’s a Hobbit night!

Not that it takes much persuasion to go to the Tolkien-style pub with pint cocktails and a massive garden area.


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2. How can these drinks be so cheap. 

If you go on Fellowship Nights you will wonder why you ever paid more than £2.50 for a cocktail.


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3. Frodo, Gandalf or Gimli… which to have first?

You need to enjoy the good ones first before the horror of the Nazgul at the end of the quest.


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4. Time to get a drink or three.

The crowd at the bar means you have to battle to order your drinks, so you might as well get three at a time.


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5. Where am I supposed to sit?

The pub is usually heaving, so finding somewhere to sit can be a challenge in itself.


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6. Let’s try and find somewhere outside.

That is after you’ve struggled with the stairs whilst juggling your trio of cocktails.


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7. Is it time to eat yet?

A visit to The Hobbit wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Chef Bernie.


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8. Tonight is the night that I will complete the Fellowship Quest.

Twelve pints won’t be a problem when they taste this good. Surely?


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9. That t-shirt will be mine!

No one will believe that you did it, so you need the t-shirt to prove it.


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10. Perhaps I was a bit ambitious…

Your heart is saying yes and dreaming of the t-shirt but your stomach is begging you to stop drinking.


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11. Maybe someone will get my card stamped for me?

I want the t-shirt. I need the t-shirt. Someone help me get the t-shirt!


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12. I surrender, I’ll live to fight another day. 

There is always a next time and you will eventually complete the quest.


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