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15 Times You Regretted Studying At Solent

No matter which uni you study at, there are bound to be times where it makes you questions your life choices and Solent is no different.

1. Seeing spelling mistakes on the lecture slides.

This doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence about your course.


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2. Looking at your timetable and seeing that you have one lecture in HC and another in SM.

Why did they build them apart from each other!


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3. Hearing comments from Uni of students about how much better they are.

We get it, the rivalry is never going to end.


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4. Waiting weeks to hear feedback about your assignments.

Although getting results back is scary, that doesn’t mean that you want to be endlessly waiting for them.


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5. Having to listen to the building work in JM.

The constant noise from the construction near JM is enough to distract even the most studious of people.


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6. Searching for a Mac in Mountbatten and having to settle with a PC.

It’s just not the same.


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7. Having to walk from LFW to uni.

Living in the party halls comes with its own issues.


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8. When you try and log into portal and it’s down for maintenance… again.

And it’s always at a time you really need it.


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9. Constantly having to explain to people that you go to ‘the other’ Southampton uni.

No, I don’t go to the University of Southampton and yes Solent is a real university.


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10. Forcing yourself to go in after a night at Oceana.

A night at Oceana didn’t seem like a bad idea until you remembered that you had uni the next day.


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11. Introducing yourself to someone in freshers’ week to find out that they do Football Studies.

It’s a real course?


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12. Having a tutorial with your lecturer in the tiny shared offices.

There’s barely enough room to move in those rooms, let alone get your work out to show them.


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13. When you realised that Southampton doesn’t have a beach. 

But where am I meant to procrastinate?


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14. Looking at your timetable to see that you have a lecture on the fifth floor of JM.

The stairs are torture but the lift is never free. Choose your fate.


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15. Having a two hour gap between lectures meaning you have to kill time in The Dock.

Being surrounded by food when your student loan is running out is a living hell for students- especially with the new gelato bar.


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