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8 First Year Mottos You Regret Saying When You’re In Your Final Year

There is no doubt that the innocent-turned-rebel you once were when you started university is a distant memory by the time you begin your final year. You have matured in every sense of the word: Your choice of attire for a night out is a lot more dignified and self-respecting and the early morning decision of attending a 9am lecture is a much easier call to make.

But most of all, with university comes all kinds of jargon and idiolects that become a way of life. Before you know it, a simple acronym turns into a mantra by which you all live. It is only during your last term, which is predominantly spent reminiscing over the past 3 years, that you see the error of your ways.


You Only Live Once. If a love-hate relationship could be applied to language, “YOLO” would be the epitome of it. You used the word so freely, daringly and passionately in the midst of your Monday nights in Tiger Tiger. It seems a harmless, positive message, but nothing is harmless and positive at the same time in clubs. It wasn’t until your Students’ Union changed the name of Wednesday nights from The Lash to YOLO when you realised it was too embarrassing to even laugh at your mistakes.


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2. It’s Easier to Say Yes

If you were one of the reckless advocates of this, you have a lot to answer for. Whether it was saying yes every time someone asked you to go out, because the backlash of trying to say no just wasn’t worth it, or agreeing to kiss everyone who hit on you in the bar just because “it’s easier” – you now realise this was definitely nothing to be proud of, and the only thing that was “easy” was you.

via knitbygodshand.com

via knitbygodshand.com

3. Do It For The Debrief

Only now do you see that most of your past endeavours were not for your own personal enjoyment, but for the hilarity they brought the next day when you discussed the night’s scandalous antics with your friends. By your final year, debriefs are no doubt still what you live for, but you appreciate a more tasteful scandal these days – ones that highlight your dignity, as opposed to ones that you pray will not be revealed in drunken wedding speeches.

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4. Lambrini

Lambrini becomes more than a drink for students who cannot afford to live a decent life. It becomes a way of life. A collocate of the self. There is not much to say about Lambrini other than by your final year, you learn to leave it and its urine-flavoured taste behind when you learn how to get free drinks instead.

via hercampus.com

via hercampus.com


Bring Your Own Banter. You cannot help but wince every time you hear the word “banter”. Your skin literally shudders. They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you refuse this – banter is. “It’s just banter,” the posh, sheltered freshers say as they latch on to the cool new ways of expressing themselves. After a few years of experiencing independent thinking for the first time, the word has thankfully escaped from your vocabulary.

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6. Sleep All Day, Party All Night

By your final year, it’s not that you have lost your spontaneity – you still know how to have a good time – but you now know when to say no. You have learnt that despite once believing It Is Easier To Say Yes, the consequence is blowing your overdraft and forgetting what is it like to be a fully functioning human. Just like Sean Kingston, you wake up one day and this motto is gone without a trace, no questions asked. As soon as you move away from halls of residence, leaving the sun-blocking-blinds behind also means leaving napping all day behind too.

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7. Do It, It Will Be Funny

You would think by 18 years of age you would have let go of childish mottos, but this is apparently not the case. There is a compulsion that cannot be ignored about doing something after this phrase has been uttered. Maybe it’s the fresher need to please and be the life and soul of the party, or maybe it’s the fresher fears of having a backbone and saying no.



8. I’ve Got Work To Do

It’s only when the end is nigh and you don’t have time to sleep or eat that you look back on the times you used to say this as a fresher and actually cry. It is acceptable to miss a night out in your final year, but in first year, there are no excuses.

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Though it feels almost impossible to look back at your unbearable first-year life choices, these regrets seem to go hand in hand with having fond memories of your fresher years. A little wincing here and there lets you know that you had good time and you have now grown into a respectable third year. In the end, it’s all character building – right?

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