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25 Things You`ll Only Understand If You`ve Run For Student Election

Student campaign season is approaching, bringing with it a hurricane of Facebook spamming, brightly coloured t-shirts and Haribo sweets. To some it might be a fun time of year; to others it might be vaguely annoying. To those of you that have made the bold to decision to run for a position in the past, however, it can bring back some bad memories.

Running for election can be a very trying experience…

1. You have to be nice to everyone all the time, in the off chance you will pick up some extra votes.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

2. You claim to get on with your opponent(s), despite hating them from the fiery pit of your soul.

How dare they run against you?

3. Talking about your campaign to anyone who will listen, and thus diminishing the number of people who will speak to you.

4. The knowledge that you will do absolutely anything in order to win, including personal public humiliation.

via reddit.com

via reddit.com

5. Learning to bake, because apparently home baking means votes.

6. And having to find friends who will bake for you because you keep setting the fire alarm off.

7. Buying enough sweets to make Willy Wonka sick, just to bribe people on election day.

via reactiongifs.com

via reactiongifs.com

8. Begging friends that are good at art to design leaflets, posters, profile pictures and cover photos for you.

Or, if you’re good at art, spending hours getting them just right.

9. Suffering from frequent breakdowns, which result in you needing to be calmed down by friends, family, your lecturers or various members of the library staff.

10. Crying into your pillow on a regular basis.

via banteratbest.tumblr.com/post/6013433370

via banteratbest.tumblr.com

11. Spending a small fortune printing leaflets and posters off.

Who knew it would be so expensive?

12. Becoming increasingly mad at your supposed friends who refuse to ‘like’ your campaign page on Facebook.

13. Which becomes pure hatred when you realise they’ve ‘liked’ your opponent’s page.

via reddit.com

via reddit.com

14. The struggle to find the right colour and quantity of t-shirts to clothe your campaigners on election day.

15. Spending hours cutting templates and spray-painting your name onto the t-shirts.

16. Accidentally suffocating you and your flatmates with spray-paint fumes.

via reactiongifs.com

via reactiongifs.com

17. The rather weird, but strangely satisfying, feeling you get when people change their profile and cover photos to your campaign pictures.


18. Barely sleeping the week before the big day because you are convinced you need to be campaigning every day and night.

19. Completely disregarding uni work, your job, friends, and family because winning is all that matters to you now.

via thehappytype.com

via thehappytype.com

20. Getting up earlier than you ever have for uni in order to plaster campus in posters before the ballot opens.

21. Standing on the street all day, rain, wind or shine, to persuade people you’ve never even seen before to vote for you.

22. When someone says “it’s not really that much of a big deal, is it?” after you have just devoted a month’s worth of your student loan and all your time to the campaign.

via emlii.com

via emlii.com

23. The horrific waiting period after the ballots close, when all the votes are being counted.


24. The build up to the announcement, when you just want to curl up in a ball and pretend none of this ever happened.

25. And whether you win or lose, you’re just glad it’s finally over.

If you decide to run for student election this year, then may the odds be ever in your favour.

via teammagnumdong.tumblr.com

via teammagnumdong.tumblr.com

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