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7 Things All Media Students Are Tired of Hearing

Every university course gets mocked by those who don’t study it, but one that gets ridiculed the most has got to be Media.


If you have a friend who studies Media, don’t ever say any of the following:

1. “Is that even a real degree?”

No, of course not. Media is one of the biggest and ever growing industries but I’m sure my degree counts for nothing.



2. “So do you just watch TV, films and stuff all day?”

Yep, I’m paying over £3000 per year to watch TV and films.



3. “Must be so nice having such a small workload!”

Totally! Analysing hours worth of different types of media and the religious, political, psychological, sociological, and historical aspects of them on top of the standard lecture and seminar time we all have is just such a piece of cake.



4. “Right. So what do you actually want to be?”



5. “Seriously, what can you actually do with that degree though?”

Make more money than you.



6. “Are you going to be famous then?”

I give up. Make it stop



7. “Ah, not quite as academic as my course then”



 Give it a rest.

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