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10 School Kids Who Got Detention For Being Too Real

Some kids are just too sassy. Their teachers couldn’t cope.

1. This kid who expressed how we all feel after seeing our exam results.

“Has been reported for: proclaiming “OH HELL” out loud upon receiving a returned exam paper.”



2. This kid who was only trying improve everyone’s day.

“Disturbing other classmates with cat pictures during class”



3. This kid who spoke the truth.

“Calling a teacher a ‘muggle'”



4. This kid who is only human.

“Michael finished his group work early, so he took a laptop (without permission) and began looking at pictures of pugs.”



5. This kid who wasn’t going to let his teacher’s pride get in the way of his learning.

“…he contradicted me numerous times when I insisted that the length of one kilometre was greater than that of one mile.”



6. This kid who respects nature.

“It is natural to fart. Why should I get 10 demerit points for a natural body function?”



7. This kid who was sick of the monotonous routine of life.

“Threw sandwich across class screaming YOLO”



8. This kid who couldn’t take his boring classmates any more.

“Threw lamp at another student and told him to “lighten the fuck up””



9. This kid whose art went unappreciated. 

“I threw a very impressive majestic paper airplane into the recycling bin”



10. This budding anarchist.



That last one will do well at uni.

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