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14 Essential Dos and Don’ts Now That You’ve Graduated

Congratulations, you’ve made it. University is behind you. It’s time to look forward and here are some things you should definitely be doing and not doing in the coming months.

1. Do celebrate

No matter what grade you got, celebrate. Graduating from university is no small task so grab yourself a beer, call up some friends and party. Or relax. Do what ever you want, you’ve earned it.


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2. Don’t wake up at 2pm everyday

A nocturnal lifestyle isn’t much use out in the real world unless you’re planning on becoming a bouncer. Whatever you do, just try and make sure that you’re up and alive to the world before the sun starts setting, maybe even before mid-day.

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3. Do travel

If you can afford it, do it. If you can’t, save up, then do it. A little quote that sums this one up nicely: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” As cheesy as it may sound, it’s still true.


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4. Don’t be afraid to take a little risk

Be prepared to say goodbye to the people and things you know and love for a little while. You never know, you might find something or someone you love even more.

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5. Don’t stop reading

You may well already know, but if you don’t, you’ll genuinely be surprised by how enjoyable reading can be. Especially when you know there will be no final exam on it. Even the books you bought from your course’s reading list might look a little more interesting now.


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6. Do tone down the partying…a bit

Doesn’t mean you need to start acting like you’re a married 40 year old with 3 kids. However, mid-week hangovers and 4-day benders are unfortunately no longer deemed socially acceptable.


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7. Don’t expect lecture slides in real life

Unfortunately a day out of the office doesn’t come with accompanying Powerpoints and lecture notes. Rest up well and mentally prepare yourself to smash out the next day of work like an absolute machine.


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8. Do take some time out to think about where you are now and where you want to be

Whether it’s long term, short term or medium term, taking a moment to really think about your future or at least what you want to do next will always be helpful. Just make some plans, any plans.


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9. Don’t be scared to aim high

But keep them realistic and think about what you’ll need to do to make them happen. And then write them down. Make sure you write them down.

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10. Don’t panic

It doesn’t help with anything. Unless you like headaches, feeling generally uncomfortable, or the occasional nosebleed. Try and find a way to distance yourself from whatever is causing the problem. Do anything that will help distract you for a while.


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11. …but do face your worries head on

Always make sure you come back. Problems rarely just up and disappear by themselves.

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via tumblr.com

12. Do be patient

Things can take time and job-hunting can be a seemingly eternal black hole of tab opening, cover letter writing, waiting for responses that never come, interview preparation, “nearly but not quites” and just the cold hard “No”. For some people it all just clicks into place, some are just born lucky, others will settle and then there are those who will have to struggle.


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13. Do remember what it is all for

If you have to battle it out with the world to get to where you want to be, always try and remember the reason why you are putting yourself through the pain. The easiest things are rarely rewarding, and the rewarding things are rarely easy.

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14. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

The strongest individuals are those who ask for help when they need it. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or someone you’ve looked up on LinkedIn, get in touch and speak. The biggest regrets in life aren’t dodgy tattoos or drunken, late night voicemails, they’re unspoken words and chances never taken.


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Not too scary now is it?