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10 Real Struggles Every Postgrad Student Will Recognise

Whether you do it to avoid real life for a little longer or to help you narrow down your interests, more and more people are looking into postgraduate study after their degree is over. But there are many struggles you should consider…

1. Having to pay for it yourself or get an actual bank loan.

Not the good type of loan you used to get from the government.


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2. Which means saying goodbye to loan day.

We miss the shopping sprees!


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3. The excessive workload makes it nearly impossible to hold down a part time job.


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4. Meaning you are a whole new level of poor.

You thought you were poor as an undergrad? Pfft.

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5. All your graduate friends keep doing things without you because they can afford fun.



6. And reminiscing about how awful it was to be a student…

We know guys, we’re living it!



7. The looks of pity when you have to leave to finish an assignment.


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8. The talk around you turns to mortgages and babies and you’re just wondering whether you should buy a bowl for your cheerios or just keep eating out of the box.

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9. Your family members constantly ask: “So when are you going to get an actual job?”



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10. And the judgement in people’s eyes when they ask why you chose to do a Masters.

“Erm… because I didn’t have a clue what to do with my life.”


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But we’ll be better qualified than others in the interview room. Having two degrees is better than having one after all.

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