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29 Hopeless Thoughts You Have When Reading Job Descriptions as a Graduate

Reading through job descriptions can be a tedious process at times. More often than not, you end up thinking along these lines:

1. “What do half of these words even mean? So much business jargon.”


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2. “I don’t think I’m qualified to do any of this.”

3. “Maybe I did the wrong degree.”

4. “Actually, I’m starting to question every major decision I’ve ever made.”

5. “Oh my god. What am I going to do?”


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6. “How can I possibly have experience in this field?”

7. “I thought a degree counted towards experience.”

8. “If I never find a job, how am I ever going to gain any experience anyway?”

9. “I just want to be employed. Is that too much to ask?”


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10. “Why didn’t I start doing this in 3rd year?”

11. “I probably shouldn’t put organised on my CV…”

12. “If there was a module on job hunting at uni, I’d have gone to those lectures. Probably.”

13. “I’m definitely not going to get this job. Is it even worth applying?”

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14. “At least if I never apply, I can never be rejected.”

15. “Why can’t I be one of those people who just knows someone who’ll offer them a job?”

16. “It’s not fair. It really isn’t.”

17. “How long have I been doing this now?”

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18. “I think this is what I want to do but it sounds so stressful.”

19. “Am I ready for this kind of responsibility?”

20. “That’s more hours than I really want to give up in a week.”

21. “There must be like a thousand people applying for this. What is even the point?”


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22. “I’m gonna go watch some TV for a bit and come back to this later. I just need a break.”

23. “Maybe I’ll just run away and join the circus instead.”

24. “Why have I made this so hard on myself?”

25. “I wonder if I’ll ever get a job?”


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26. “Screw it. Maybe I’ll just apply for EVERYTHING. See what happens.”

27. “Would it really be so bad to use a cover letter template I found on the internet?”

28. “I just…don’t want to do this any more.”

29. “Can I just be a student again?”

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via wifflegif.com

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