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16 Essential Things Every Bath Spa Fresher Should Know Before Starting Uni

Mary Berry’s not here. 😭

1. The rivalry between you and Bath Uni students is non-optional

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2. And the North/South divide is alive and well.

The northerners are drastically outnumbered but they also put up a good fight so 🤗

(via uproxx.com)

via uproxx.com

3. There will be at least one “MARY BERRY IS ON CAMPUS!!!” false alarm every week.

So don’t get too excited when it happens.

(via cosmouk.net)

(via cosmouk.net)

4. And swans will become a surprisingly big part of your life.

If you’re lucky, this legend might even make a return. 🙏

5. You’ll only learn how to use the library approximately 3 months after you first need to use it.

Even then, you’ll never be 100% sure you know what you’re doing in there.

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6. And it’ll be a disproportionately long time before you actually visit the Roman Baths.

Y’know, the namesake of your university…

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7. You’ll hear lots of assumptions that everyone is either Welsh or gay.

Sometimes both. And what would be wrong with that anyway?

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8. Or that EVERYONE does Creative Writing.

Where is your proof?

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9. And, naturally, we’re all in denial about our career prospects, right?


hp eye rol

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10. Tourists will become the bane of your life.

Well, after ‘Uni of’ students, of course.

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via wordpress.com

11. And you’ll stop finding those cows and sheep on campus cute before very long.

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via victorious.wikia.com

12. When the SU does the Stock Market, your troubles will be forgotten instantly.

As will the rest of the evening.

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13. And you will definitely regret going to XL if you have a Tuesday 9am. 

But you should go anyway.

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via tumblr.com

14. When winter comes around, there’ll be an unreasonable amount of drama about whether it will snow or not.

You will be told very adamantly that it snows a lot because of the hills. You will also be told by other people, equally as adamantly, that it doesn’t ever snow…because of the hills.

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via onehallyu.com

15. Campus needs no filter.

It’s stunning enough on its own.

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16. And, most importantly, you will never, ever want to leave.

Consider yourself warned.

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