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10 Stages You Go Through When Your Essay Gets A Surprisingly Bad Mark

Unless you’re a super lucky and talented student who miraculously achieves 100% in every assignment, then you’re bound to have felt that sinking feeling of disappointment. You got your essay mark back and it just isn’t quite what you hoped it would be.

Whether it be missing a 1st by 1 tiny percent or just scraping the barrel at 40%, the below list will take you on a journey of feelings that almost every student has had to endure.

1. The coursework administrator hands over your essay accompanied with a disappointed glint in their eye.

You freeze. Not quite believing your eyes and wondering if the administrator handed you the right essay back.


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2. You double check the name just to be sure. It’s yours.

But how is it a 48 when it was definitely worth a 1st!? The marker must have accidentally written 48 instead of 84.


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3. The critical notes are pretty critical.

They definitely meant the mark they gave. But in your eyes your essay is still fabulous and you come to the conclusion that your thesis was obviously too intelligent for them and they clearly just didn’t understand.


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4. You conclude that maybe you should get it re-marked by someone who actually appreciates your intelligence.

But you fear there is no one who will understand and you don’t want to risk getting marked down even further.


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5. But, eternally in denial, you just can’t accept the decision.

You worked really hard on that essay.


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6. Okay, so you started it two days before the deadline, but that’s better than usual.

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7. You begin to accept your mark and decide to read over your comments so that you can make sure your next essay is better.


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8. Which somehow sends you further back into denial.

These comments don’t even make sense!?


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9. But there is nothing you can do, so you start to figure out how much you need in your next essay to get a 1st… 92!?

It’s okay. You only wanted a 2:1 anyway.


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10. You are now an emotional wreck and the only way to solve this problem is to order a pizza and have a glass of your favourite alcohol.

Your next assignment can wait. You are in no state to write.


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And so you’ve remained for weeks now…

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