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The 19 Stages of Writing a Job Application After Graduating

You’ve graduated and now your parents are constantly nagging you to get a job. So you decide to start writing job applications.

1. You set off with all the best intentions.

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2. And quickly get into the swing of things.

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3. Writing about your many attributes even starts to go to your head.

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4. You convince yourself that you’re on a roll.

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5. But you know that you’re kidding yourself; you’ve been writing total drivel.

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6. The whole experience starts to feel like an uphill battle.

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7. You’re feeling increasingly despondent.

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8. And the whole thing is really getting you down.

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9. So, you grab a coffee and start over.

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10. But you’re easily distracted.

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11. And later realise that you have just wasted forty-five minutes watching cat videos on YouTube.

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12. You continue your application in a frenzy.

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13. And become determined that nothing can distract you now.


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14. Until, finally, it’s ready to be sent off.

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15. And you are overwhelmed with joy to see it go.

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16. Until you realise that you made a crucial spelling mistake.


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17. You collapse in humiliation and exhaustion.

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18. And wait for the rejection letter you know is on its way.

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19. While mentally preparing yourself to start all over again.


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