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18 Important Life Lessons Every Student Learns At University

University is for learning – but not all of it happens in the lecture theatre.

These are the lessons you never signed up for:

1. Alcohol causes and solves all problems.

It may mean you miss your 9am lecture, but at least you had a good time the night before.

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2. The older you get, the less able you are to handle your hangovers.

By the time you’re in your final year, going out also involves lying in a darkened room for two days after.

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3. Despite your initial denial, you will put on weight if you live off alcohol and takeaways for your entire degree.

Who knew?

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4. Despite all your student experiences, you’ll still struggle when someone says, ‘tell us an interesting fact about yourself’.

At that particular moment, you absolutely will not be able to think of one interesting thing about yourself and will end up saying something ridiculous like, “I’m a Sagittarius?” The horror.

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5. You learn to cope with that constant and pointless feeling of lack of direction.

‘Why am I doing this degree again? A job, you say?’

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6. The majority of people in the world can’t dance, especially not when drunk and in a club.

But that’s okay. Dance like no one’s watching and all that, even if you’re not quite at Beyonce’s level.

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7. Napping is a valuable tool.

It is a beautiful gift and definitely makes you more productive. Kind of.

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8. If you don’t do all the household chores, no one else will.

Sad, sad times.

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9. Budgeting is both real and necessary.


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10. But on the plus side, you now know a great bargain when you see one.



11. It’s impossible to do the reading the night before.

If you want to be able to contribute anything meaningful to the group discussion the next day, anyway. Well, unless you’re a particularly talented liar/mind reader.



12. In fact, any kind of late night work is usually a complete failure.





13. Mondays will never be enjoyable.

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14. Ambition is always a good thing – even if you never reach your goals.

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15. It’s never, under any circumstances, a good idea to drunk text.

Unless of course you want to be completely mortified every time you see that person from that moment onwards.

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16. Central heating is an absolute godsend.

When you’ve got a job and you’re able to afford it, remember the cold, cold winters you had at university.

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17. You’ll always have money for Domino’s.

Perhaps you’re not so bad at budgeting after all…



18. And perhaps the biggest lesson of all: no one ever feels like an actual grown-up. Ever. So you can happily stop trying.

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It certainly beats the core reading you’re prescribed. 

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