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9 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Deanery

Lucia Foster may be the party halls, but Deanery still remains to be the best accommodation out of them all.

1. Having the luxury of an en suite.

Not having to share a bathroom is just about one of the best things about living in Deanery.


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2. But you probably have a tiny room.

Between the bed and the desk there isn’t much room for anything.


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3. Fire alarms only going off in the middle of the night.

Aka four in the morning and you also learn to enjoy the 10am fire alarm test every Friday.


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4. The pain of your mail getting lost.

Being in the middle of all the halls means that your mail usually ends up at a different accommodation and then you have to go and find it yourself.


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5. Having the best kitchen if you live on the 6th or 7th floor.

You get the privilege of having a slightly bigger kitchen with a huge bay view window, which is perfect for flat parties.


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6. Things mysteriously going missing when the cleaners are around. 

The cleaners presume the note you left out for your house mates saying ‘help yourself’ is for them, so they eat your Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Unforgivable.


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7. The laundry room being in A block, so you have to take at least six trips just to do your washing.

Which basically means doing your washing will take up your whole evening.


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8. Getting called ‘posh’ when you tell people which halls you live in.

Really? Posh? The smell of sick in the reception after a big night out couldn’t be less posh.



9. Secretly knowing that you’ve got the nicest accommodation out of everyone and trying not to rub it in.

Deanery may be one of the more expensive accommodations, but it’s definitely worth it.


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