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16 Reasons Why The Edge Is The Best Night Out In Southampton

The Edge is arguably the best night out in Southampton. Where else can you drink vodka slushies, eat burgers and sing your favourite karaoke songs? Here are some reasons why it’s not just the best gay club, but also the best club in town.

1. You’ll never have to wait long for a drink.

The Edge has three bars. In fact, they open a fourth bar in the smoking area during the summer, so you won’t have to buy four drinks in one go.


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2. It’s open until 5am.

The only club in Southampton to stay open til 5am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


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3. Your Wednesday nights are sorted.

Cheap drink deals, karaoke and a lot of fun! Don’t expect to make it into your morning lecture on Thursday though.


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4. There’s a light up podium dance floor.

Feel like a superstar and show off your best moves to the club. It’s pretty small though, so make sure you don’t get knocked off or knock anyone else off…


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5. Drinks are so cheap they should be illegal.

On Wednesday nights you can get a vodka mixer for £1.50 and on Sunday nights you can get shots for just a £1.


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6. You’ll come away with at least 10 new best friends.

The Edge is home to the friendliest smoking area in Southampton, in fact it’s more like the garden of a house party.


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7. They have a BBQ.

What other club in Southampton sells hot dogs AND burgers?!


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8. You can have a game of pool.

It’s okay if you’d rather have a relaxed game of pool instead of dancing to a Nicki Minaj remix. Anything goes in The Edge.


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9. Two words… PHOTO BOOTH.

Although it’s highly likely you’ll forget about the photos and discover them in your wallet two months later.


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10. No gender boundaries.

Unisex toilets mean less time queuing and more time making buddies. We’re all the same here.


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11. Sing karaoke to your heart’s content.

Pop in on a Wednesday night and perform your favourite anthem in the upstairs bar.


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12. There’s a vending machine.

Stocked full of sex goodies. Need condoms, vibrators or lube? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered.


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13. They sell VODKA SLUSHIES.

Although these are only available from the outside bar during the summer.


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14. The get ‘pounded’ night on Sundays.

£1 shots and the chance to win money with every drink bought. Sunday Fun-day!


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15. There’s a taxi rank waiting for you outside.

If you drop your phone in the toilet there’s no need to worry as there are taxis waiting outside the front entrance waiting to magic you to your cosy bed.


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16. Sal’s Kebab House.

The night isn’t complete until you’ve had a sloppy kebab. Sal’s across the road do everything from cheesy chips to pizza, and it’s super cheap!


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