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11 Reasons Why Going To An All-Girls School Didn’t Prepare You For Uni

Going to university is a new and challenging experience for everyone – but for those who went to an all girls’ school, university life poses even more problems than you’d expect.

1. When you tell people about your school life they stereotype you into one of two categories: “slut” or “lesbian”



2. Living with boys day-to-day in halls is a real eye opener.



3. You have never before had to worry about changing clothes in front of people.

In a mixed environment people seem to find this uncomfortable…



4. Being educated alongside the opposite sex is a baffling new concept for you.



5. It’s suddenly “not okay” for you to do things you always thought were normal. 

Talking freely about ‘T-O-M’ for example. Not cool, apparently.



6. You have never had to think twice about pulling up your tights in public.

Now when you do you get strange stares.



7. When you’ve had a few drinks, you only know one way to communicate with the opposite sex.

I guess you could call it ‘making up for lost time’…



8. At school you never had to factor putting on make-up or styling your hair into your morning routine.

Well, except for the day you had a class with the ‘hot’ teacher (i.e. the only male teacher.)



9. You and your BFF are inseparable, making it even more difficult for you to be away from home.



10. Some of the games and traditions you had with your girlfriends you would never repeat at uni.

People just wouldn’t understand…



11. But at least you are well prepared to deal with ANY kind of girl drama. That life skill is priceless.



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