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16 Instagrams That Prove Goldsmiths Is The Best Place To Be a Student

London is home to a lot of universities. But if you study at Goldsmiths, you’ll know it’s one of the best.

1. Goldsmiths is a great place to study.

2. You’ll love having seminars in Deptford Town Hall.

Even if you do struggle to find it at first…

3. And the Great Hall too. Even if that is where you have to sit your exams.

4. It has cool, modern buildings.

Cool building #goldsmiths

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5. And some impressive older buildings too.

Exploring Goldsmiths University before #smsociety

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6. There are great views from campus of the city.

View from Goldsmith's / summer in London

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7. You can have your lunch on the green when it’s sunny.

Student life on the green 😍 Beautiful day in London @goldsmithsuol

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8. Which is nice and peaceful… until the swarms arrive.

WHO LOVES BBQ? WE LOVE BBQ! 🍔❤️ #hellogoldsmiths #goldfresh #bbq

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9. There’s always plenty of art around campus.

10. Goldsmiths has scenes that make those dreaded morning lectures a bit more bearable.

RG @nyo_gb rehearsing at Goldsmiths this week #NewCross #music #NYO2016

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11. And it looks great whatever the weather.

12. There’s always something going on on campus.

Goldsmiths 💗 Bestival! #BestivalGoldsmiths

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13. And there are lots of activities to keep you entertained.

14. Or chill you out.

Meditation time at J. A. Generalised Anxiety Relaxation by Ruth Waters

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15. You really won’t regret studying here.

16. Goldsmiths, you’re the best ✌️