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10 Times The Struggle Was Real In First Year

Adapting to life as a university student brings countless struggles. Here’s 10 you faced in your first year.

1. 9am lectures.

And you only had one. Whereas now you have a 9am every day. Back then there was anger, coughing, people sprinting out to vomit, and by week 4 nobody showed up.


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2. Making dinner.

Going to the shop and back felt like a trip up Everest, but then you had to MAKE THE DINNER AS WELL. Cue a freezer full of ready meals and takeaway numbers in your phone favourites.


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3. Deciding whether or not to go out.

Mid-week nights out have a limited shelf-life, but the effort of actually getting ready and going out seemed mountainous.


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4. Washing your clothes.

You were suddenly confused by a world of similar colours, degrees and whether your clothes would shrink in the tumble dryer. Only when the emergency pants surfaced was it time to take action.



5. Looking good.

Lectures, seminars and even the library appeared like the catwalk in the first few weeks. From then on, getting up earlier than was absolutely necessary seemed ridiculous.


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6. Putting effort into essays and assignments.

You had the fear, but knew you only needed to pass. To try or not to try?

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7. And seminar readings. 

Same as the above, plus you couldn’t let that Netflix subscription go to waste.


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8. Going to societies.

You signed up to ALL the societies at freshers’ fair, foolishly thinking you would actually attend.


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9. Trying to manage your student loan.

When you couldn’t afford to go out because you’d been in your overdraft for a month and a half, you realised you can’t pay for things with your tears.


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10. Dealing with the hangovers.

Nights out as a fresher were like nothing you experienced before – as were the hangovers that followed.  All of the above and just life in general was utterly impossible.


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