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12 Emotions You’re Guaranteed To Feel When Hungover

Hangovers are just the worst. Here are the twelve stages you’re guaranteed to go through before you’re ready to start drinking again:

1. Regret

Oh god why did I have that last shot?

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2. Sadness

Even adverts are making me weepy.


3. Guilt

I’m so sorry for vomiting all over you.


4. Fear

What the hell did I send my ex last night?


5. Shame

I definitely was not Beyonce on the floor last night.


6. Anger

Call yourselves friends? Why didn’t you stop me!


7. Despair

This hangover will NEVER END!


8. Hunger

I need all of the food and I need it right now.

via mygifjump.tumblr.com

via mygifjump.tumblr.com

9. Digust

I smell like a brewery.

via elitedaily.com

via elitedaily.com

10. Self-Pity

Nobody understands the pain I’m going through.

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via bustle.com

11. Hysteria

I literally have no idea how to function any more.

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via reddit.com

12. Excitement

So, when are we next going out?