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6 Reasons Why Your Life Is Better Now You’re a Working Graduate

Though we look wistfully back, desperately trying to cling on to our student years, whilst every July saying incredulously ‘It’s been a whole (insert number here) years since I graduated!!’, there are a number of reasons why your life is better since those university days.



1. Money.   Yes, now that you aren’t relying on a student loan and Mum & Dad’s pity, you have a bit more money to your name. You no longer have to scour the Co-op’s reduced section for tonight’s tea or cunningly use some of your housemate’s toothpaste because you are absolutely skint. Instead, full price items in shops aren’t strictly off-limits and you can finally start buying your mum good Christmas presents.

2. Your health.   As the famous saying goes, ‘no great story ever started with somebody eating a salad’. The price you have to pay for having the time of your life as a student is that your health suffers: the average student sacrifices their liver’s best interests and often their waist line for the cause. For many, the masses of alcohol and takeaway food which was once the norm is now a distant memory and our innards are grateful for it!

3. You appreciate weekends.   As a student, weekends are often spent writing assignments or visiting family. Nights out, which are frequented by pesky working citizens and therefore are twice as pricey as their weeknight counterparts, are rarely on the cards. As a tax-paying citizen, however, you are reminded that the weekend is a beloved old friend who is blessing beyond measure.

4. You have more permanent living arrangements.   Moving out of your student home at the end of each and every year is enough to fill anybody with dread. We begin to consider how we will transport all our worldly possessions half a mile down the road and we must panic clean the place with the pathetic communal vacuum cleaner. It is unlikely that you will have three different addresses over the course of three years at any other point in your life and for this, be glad.

5. Comfort.   Sofas are few and far between when you’re living in student halls and in student housing they’re disappointing at best. Instead, you and your housemates end up sitting on each other’s beds of an evening and even they begin to feel as if you’re sleeping on a Ryvita cracker. Now as a working adult, life would be unbearable without our delectably comfortable sofa and central heating.

6. Responsibility.   Ahh, yes. The dreaded ‘R’ word. Though it instils fear into most people, it is inevitable that, in your early twenties, it will trickle into your life bit by bit. First come the tax codes, then come the pensions and the credit ratings. Though all this is mind boggling and scary, there is something satisfying about having reached genuine adulthood. At work you are trusted with tasks which you think you probably shouldn’t be and it’s kinda nice. You are solely in control of your life for the first time and it’s empowering.  The novelty will, no doubt, wear off pretty soon so make the most of it while you can!



Who says students have it all?

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