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15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re a Student at Texas A&M

Aggieland is the best ❤️

1. Maroon automatically becomes your new favorite color and takes up the majority of your closet space.

Congrats & Gig 'em to Texas A&M Football for their victory over UCLA! Gig ‘em, #12thMan! #Aggies #tamu

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2. Gigging it is now the #1 core value in your life.

Gigs out 4 Harambe #CFBPlayoff #SEC #khaki #gigem

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3. And no other dog in the world is quite as gorgeous as Reveille, our mascot and highest ranking officer in the corp of cadets.

Happy #Halloween from Miss Rev! 😍🎃👻

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4. Your fall weekends now consist of tailgates and football games that you, under no circumstances, will sit down during.

5. And if you didn’t know how to country dance before, you do now.

Between the date parties, Fish Camp line dances and Harry’s on a Thursday you are bound to become an expert.

via theodysseyonline.com

via theodysseyonline.com

6. You forget that booing used to be a thing for you before you were taught the Aggie version of hissing: the “horse laugh”.

via tenor.co

via tenor.co

7. Forgetting that it’s not normal to be surrounded by Corp members 24/7.

After a while you just get used to seeing your uniformed friends marching and chanting on the quad.

Ags Win!! #tamu #gigem

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8. No other band will ever compare to the FTA marching band.

Halftime with the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band! #tamu #gigem #12thMan #MusicCityBowl

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9. You anticipate nothing more than the day you get your Aggie Ring.

Congrats & #GigEm to the 4,300+ #Aggies receiving their Aggie Rings today! Whoop! 👍💍 #AggieRing #tamu #aggieland

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10. And it’s all about yell leaders.

These five men in janitorial uniforms can hold the attention of 50,000+ person crowds.

Aaaaaa! Gig 'em, Aggies! 👍 #BTHOprairieview #12thMan #tamu

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11. Your most used phrases are “Whoop”, “Gig ’em” and “Redass”.

Out of all the odd Aggie habits you’ve acquired, your speech is by far the most affected.

12. Offering money to a statue in the hope it’ll help you pass your finals.

Please Sully work your magic 🙏

13. Chugging 60 ounces of warm, flat beer is the only way to christen your new Aggie Ring.

While nobody really ~wants~ to do it, you want to be as redass as possible.

via metro.co.uk

via metro.co.uk

14. Never remembering the pass back for yells but always yelling as loud as you can.

Who actually knows what all the hand signs mean? But you still pass it back and yell your heart out.

Let's have a Fightin' Texas Aggie yell practice! 👍 #TAMUtakeover

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15. And no matter what, you proudly hump it wherever you are.

Football game? Campus tour? Intramurals? Any time is an appropriate time to hump it.

Creative Commons/StuSeeger

Creative Commons/StuSeeger