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17 First World Problems All Solent Students Have To Endure

It’s not easy being a student, having to get up before 9am with a hangover. Life is hard.

1. Turning up to your 9am after a night out, forgetting your student card and being marked absent despite your valiant efforts.


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2. Scrolling Yik Yak in an attempt to find a Yak that isn’t about how easy Solent degrees are.


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3. Constantly missing opportunities to catch a free washing machine because the online laundry trackers are a load of crap.


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4. Walking to the main building before realising your lecture is actually in SM.


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5. Realising your new friend goes to the Uni of and turning your friendship into a rivalry.


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6. Leaving Switch at 2.35 and realising you just missed out on your post-clubbing Subway.


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7. The reception desk in halls always being closed ‘for a short meeting’ when you need to collect your parcel.


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8. Buying a hotdog from the Happy Hotdog man and realising you’ve actually just been converted.


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9. Having to pitch in to buy a fan for the kitchen because Solent doesn’t approve of windows that open all the way. 


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10. Sacrificing food for the week so you have enough money to spend at the West Quay student night


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11. And then having to queue for three hours in order to pay for the bargains you just snapped up.


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12. Getting to Oceana and realising you don’t have your ID, meaning you wont get your free entry.


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13. Walking all the way to Asda and forgetting a bag and having to pay 5p because there is no way you can carry it home without one.


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14. Your phone having no signal in the basement of the library. 


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15. Getting your motivation crushed when turning up to the Andrews Centre and all the computers are taken.


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16. Not going to see your friends who live in LFW because you can’t be bothered to walk over Chantry bridge. 


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17. Going to a vending machine in the library and discovering that it won’t take card.


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