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6 Stages of Working A Job You Don’t Want To Be In

Let’s be honest with ourselves for once, shall we? This happens to the best of us after graduation.

You see yourself falling into a moneyless pit and taking any job is the only ladder you can find to climb your way out. You never predicted this outcome, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to live, no matter how much you don’t want to. Once you accept the role, however, it is only then that it truly dooms upon you what you have done. There is insta-regret and, as a result, so ensues the stages of working a job you don’t want to be in. Also known as the stages of grief (and some).

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

1. Denial and Isolation

You make up countless excuses as to why you took the job in an attempt to make yourself feel: “it’s an ‘inbetween’ job’”, “it’s actually quite good pay”, “I really liked the décor”. If you haven’t quoted the last three you’re lying to yourself – okay maybe not the third, but you’d be surprised of the power that interior design holds.

2. Blur

 No, things aren’t looking up, because I’m not talking about that legendary 90’s brit-pop band. This is the stage where you don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. Your mind is blank but for a relentless fuzz. You walk the workspace without a clue of where you should be. You’re pacing and it’s SO obvious to everyone around you. AT LEAST GO MAKE SOMEONE, ANYONE, A DRINK.

3. Anger

It isn’t long before denial is replaced by anger and it’s so overpowering that it’s utterly irrational. At this stage, finding excuses is substituted with placing blame and, naturally, that blame lies with everyone but you… You curse you ex-university tutors for not giving you more career guidance…  You damn you parents for not knowing better industry contacts (It’s not what you know, it’s who (your parents know)) … Even the cleaner at work is getting in your way too much and YOU MIGHT JUST SNAP.

4. Repetition

You’re going in circles. You’ve finally found your feet, you actually know what you’re doing and where you should be and when but it’s unchanging. You’re living that age old saying: same shi(f)t different day.



 5. Bargaining

The Devil is working his magic because soon bargaining begins to exert its strong grip upon your crumbling shoulders. You barter with your dreams – you’ve sold your soul. You start to see what this job can realistically do for you, you think of different career paths, and, dare you say it, but the thought of a promotion crosses your mind and you hate that you like it.


6. Acceptance

Now that you’ve opened your eyes to the benefits of your job, you’re more comfortable being there. You are no longer in denial about the whole thing and have also accepted that your student loan needs to be paid back at some point. Not only that but you need to make a living somehow and everyone has to start at the bottom, right? *sigh*



Either that, or you simply leave for something better. 

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