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11 Questions All Solent Freshers Still Have After Their First Semester

Now you’ve been here for a few months, you probably thought you’d have it all figured out by now. But let’s be honest, there are still questions we all just want answers to.

1. Why don’t we have half terms?

No one prepared us for this.


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2. And why do some courses get reading weeks and others don’t?

This seems like favouritism.


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3. When will the building works be finished?

It’s hard to procrastinate when all you can hear are drills.


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4. Why is Oceana so cheap on some night but costs a fortune on others?

What is that all about? You never know if a jagerbomb is going to be cheap or cost you an arm or a leg.


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5. Why are Switch’s stairs a death trap?

We’ve all seen someone fall down them at one point.


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6. Why are there never any Macs free?


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7. How the hell do you take a book out of the library?

What is this witchcraft? Why isn’t someone doing this for me?


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8. Why are the maintenance loans so far apart?

Now I have to house every other weekend.


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9. Is there really any point in having 9am lectures?

Who even goes to those?


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10. Why is Oceana so far away?


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11. Why is the Wifi so bad no matter which building you’re in?

We don’t pay £9,000 a year to go through this traumatic experience.


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