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13 Things Only Students Who Have Lived In Liberty Quays Understand

Maybe nobody knows where we live, but it’s okay, we have double beds. 

1. Having to explain where Liberty Quays is. 

It’s not a myth, it is real.


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2. Trying to ignore the planes that fly over every hour or so. 

More often than not you forget about the planes and then search your room frantically trying to figure where the noise is coming from.


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3. Even if you live on the first floor you still get the lift because the stairs smell of shit.

You may even see days old pizza or god knows what on the walls.


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4. The luxury of having your own en-suite.

It means you don’t have to feel self-conscious about that alco shit the next morning.


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5. Although, the shower is awful.

You have to stand in one corner to use it because the water only hits that point and when it does hit you, it’s barely warm.


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6. Having a double bed.

All of the other accommodations have to deal with single beds, not that we’re smug about it or anything.


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7. Your walls are paper thin meaning you are able to hear your flat mates every conversation and every move.

And then being kept awake until half 3 but someone’s crappy house music.


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8. Roasting in your bed at night because your room is like an oven.

You are being cooked alive but you can’t open your window because you can hear everything that is being said in the smoking shelter.


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9. There is never a washing machine free. Ever.

You desperately need to wash your underwear that has been piling up for weeks and the only option is to go at three in the morning and praying it’s empty.


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10. The doors don’t lock automatically, which is a blessing and a curse. 

If you forget your keys as you go into the kitchen it’s not a big deal at all. But if you forget to lock your door when you’re at university all day, be prepared for this to happen.


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11. The fight over fridge space.

If you’re lucky to live in a hall with 4 people than you won’t understand the struggle, but sharing with 6 people results in people arguing which shelf their mayonnaise goes on.


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12. Free wifi.

This is probably the best perk.


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13. Being so far away from university.

You convince yourself every morning that 15 minutes is enough time to walk to a lecture, it’s not and we should all stop lying to ourselves.


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