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12 Things Solent Students Are Probably Doing Right Now Instead of Work

Although you might have every intention of having a productive day, you usually end up doing something completely different.

1. Endlessly scrolling through Facebook in the library. 

You’re only taking a short break and you don’t want to miss out on anything really important.


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2. Or buying your fourth drink from the coffee machine.

Because you need to stay caffeinated.


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3. Going on a spontaneous shopping spree to West Quay.

Shopping might help you clear your mind.


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4. Craving a huge ice cream sundae from Sprinkles.

The sugar will obviously help with your productivity.


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5. Telling yourself that a trip to the Odeon or Cineworld is necessary.

Otherwise you’ll feel left out if you haven’t seen the new Star Wars for the 4th time.


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6. Taking a walk through the parks to clear your head.

You’ve spent hours staring at a screen, some nature will be good for you.


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7. Giving the communal kitchen a good deep clean, despite having cleaners.

You’re just trying to be a good flatmate after all 💁


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8. Doing two weeks worth of shopping in ASDA even though you only ever make noodles.

Because you don’t want to be hungry when you get into the flow of doing your work.


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9. Deciding if you should go to Parfait or not on Monday.

You’re probably not going to do any work past 9pm anyway.


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10. Trying to justify to yourself that you need to stay in bed longer. 

How can you work unless you’ve had a solid 8 hours of sleep? Or 12.


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11. Looking through Yik Yak to see what Uni of are saying about Solent today.



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12. Convincing yourself that you’re only going to watch one more episode on Netflix.

You can’t possibly focus without knowing what’s going to happen next?


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