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18 Lessons Solent Students Will Never Learn

No matter how many times we do it, we always think we know better…

1. Being careful walking down Switch’s stairs. 

We’ve all seen people plummet down the slipperiest stairs in Southampton.


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2. Taking a picture for your student card before you get here.

Now you fear letting anyone see your picture and half your is face missing.


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3. Locking your room up when you leave. 

This will happen to you.


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4. Using the laundry room instead of waiting until you go home so your mum can do it.


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5. Giving your key fob to someone responsible on a night out to Oceana.

It’s not like you’ve found yourself drunkenly crying at 2am after a night out, without a way to get into your flat or anything…


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7. Using your legs instead of your Segway, especially outside the SM building.


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8. Clearing up after yourself when you’ve been eating in the Andrews Centre.

It’s just lazy and everyone around you hates you.


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9. Budgeting your money so you actually have enough for 75p drinks at Parfait.


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10. Claiming your free Microsoft word.

You’re a student, most things that are given to you for free should be accepted!


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11. Actually checking your timetable on the Portal.

Instead of relying on your course mates to tell you where to go. Every day.


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12. Going to your 9am lectures.

Even if it’s Thursday morning and Student Therapy £1.50 drinks are attempting to make a second appearance.


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13. Taking advantage of the SU bar and The Dock.

Everything is so cheap.


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14. Actually going to Mountbatten library, it can be your best friend when your deadline’s tomorrow.

Although, the third years have learnt this as they practically live in there.


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15. Allowing yourself enough time to get to SM.

It’s not as close as you think.


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16. Spending the £1 to get a group taxi to Oceana. 

Especially if the group involves drunken girls in heels.


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17. Swiping your student card. 

Your inbox has probably experienced a few emails asking why you didn’t attend your lectures.


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18. Not being that dick that comes in at 5am and waking all your housemates up. 


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