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9 Things You Definitely Won’t Miss About Summer

It’s time to dig out your warm socks and winter jackets, summer is officially over. It lasted longer than any of us expected actually, the usual two days stretched into a seriously hot three week period.

Did we enjoy it? At first, maybe, but there are some things about summer we definitely won’t be missing…

1. Showering Every. Single. Day.

We’re students. Showering every day is practically a sin, unless you’ve got a night out planned. And then suddenly the sun came along and for three ridiculously hot weeks, we were in a constant state of sweat. Not pretty.


2. The Facebook statuses.

Yeah, it’s hot. We get it. We’re also experiencing it. And yet everyone on your timeline feels the need to share how hot it is. Even worse, when they just share a picture of the car thermometer.


3. Being told to ‘make the most of it’.

Just because it’s nice and sunny doesn’t mean we want to get out of bed any earlier than 3pm. We didn’t ask for sunrise to be at 6am, did we?!


4. Old man boobs.

We would much rather see rain clouds than the compulsory summer pasty man boobs.


5. The sleepless nights.

As students (British students at that), we are conditioned to sleep through freezing cold winters by adding on as many layers as necessary. This means sleeping at night when our rooms reach Sahara levels is basically impossible.



6. Vests.

Just leave it, yeah?


7. The sunburn.

Going travelling for six weeks: stay deathly pale. Go outside on your lunch break for 10 minutes: turn into a lobster. What!?


8. Constantly choosing between buying sunglasses, or being blinded.

You finally cave in and buy some from Primark, but they break the next day.


9. The unexpected rain showers.

It’s too hot to wear a coat, and too wet not to. It’s just too much.

Worst things about summer


Summer sucks. We’d look forward to winter, but winter sucks too. Hibernation, anyone?