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9 Ways Being Drunk Is Exactly Like Being a Kid

Going to university can make you feel like you’re finally an adult. You learn how to cook, shop and you even get up for those 3pm lectures occasionally!

Sadly, you do get weekly reminders that you’re not as mature as you like to think: the nights out. You might have to be 18 years old to buy cheep booze but you can guarantee that smart price vodka will have you acting closer to 18 months. Here’s why.

1. You fall over. A lot.

Sure, there are key differences, like lack of appropriate footwear when drinking. But still, being drunk is one way to get more bruised knees than when you were learning to walk.


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2. You can’t string a sentence together.

It’s not just us who finds the English language incredibly hard to master after that fifth 80p shot, right?


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3. You’re unreasonable.

Well, he was getting all up in your grill right?


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4. You bust out some serious moves.


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5. You get really needy.

Now is the time to confirm just how much your best friend feels about you, yes?


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6. You have to be carried to bed.


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7. You’ll eat anything.

The rocks and crayons you used to munch on as a kid were good preparation for road pizza, horse kebabs and anything else soaked in grease that you can get your hands on.


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8. You puke a lot.

Whether this has something to do with the road pizza or the vodka, we’ll never know.


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9. And there are plenty of embarrassing photos.

At least you’re fully clothed for most of these.

The Daily Touch

The Daily Touch

While you might think it’s embarrassing to revert back to your younger years, we say embrace it.

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