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10 Modules Every Graduate Wishes They Could Have Taken at University

University may teach you how to succeed in your professional or academic career, but does it help you to succeed in life? I don’t think so.

When we graduate and when we face the “adult” world, we realise there are many things we wish we had learnt at uni.

1. Networking: What it is and how to do it properly.

Most of your social interactions at university were fuelled by sambuca. This probably isn’t the way to go when you’re chatting with professionals and could-be employers.


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2. Resignation: How not to stay in a job you hate because you’re too scared and polite to quit.

Because you won’t love everything you do and will have to confront difficult conversations eventually.


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3. An introduction to adulthood.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.


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4. Extracurricular activities and why you should bother.

It becomes clear that what you do outside of university is almost as a degree itself. Critical information that would have been handy three years ago…


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5. Personal Budget Management: How to save and not be eternally poor.

Also known as: How not to spend all your money on alcohol.


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6. Taxes.

And what on earth they are.


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7. How to get a job 101.

The ultimate step-by-step guide.


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8. Surviving Unemployment.

Why neither despairing nor Netflix will help you find a job.


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9. Working in theory.

Because scrolling down your Facebook feed doesn’t count as working.


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10. How To Build Emotional Intelligence.

And how not to cry over an essay or job application.


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We’d be much better off right now.

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