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13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating a PhD Student

Dating a PhD student can seem like a good idea. They are more mature, they have more experience, they are intelligent, they are more responsible… or are they?

1. You can’t help but think “you should be writing” whenever they aren’t.


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2. Buying them a Kindle will make you the best partner ever.

No 1000 articles and books to carry.


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3. You’re constantly worrying about their health.

They eat noodles and Tesco meal deals for days, drink no water but plenty of alcohol at night, and spend lots of hours awake working.


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4. They practically live at uni.

Meaning you rarely ever see them.


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5. They can be hard on themselves.

For them, their work is always far form perfect.


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6. Which makes you their personal cheerleader.


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7. Their friends are other PhD students.

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via maxtixx.com

8. Their writing skills are far superior to yours. Which comes in handy when you have an essay due.

my best friend in the world

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9. You are always learning new things when you’re around them.

Even things you don’t understand at first.

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via gif-huntress.tumblr.com

10. They still go to the same parties as you. Or at least they try.


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11. Their scholarships can make them financially autonomous, but never rich.

They complain about their award just like you complain about your loan.


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12. Occasionally they’re invited to conferences overseas which you can tag along to. 

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via rebloggy.com

13. But really, they’re not that different from you.

They also complain about their work. A lot.


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