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22 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Being a Language Assistant Abroad

Whether you’ve already done it or you’re considering doing it in the future, here’s why being a language assistant abroad is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1. You get to experience living in another country and travelling while you’re young.

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2. Though it does get stressful when you’re trying to sort out the move.

You just want to be there and enjoy it already.

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3. Being surrounded by people speaking your chosen language forces you to up your speaking ability pretty fast.

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via roosterteeth.com

4. And you’re basically getting paid to practise a language and learn more about a culture you’re interested in.

Beats doing essays and exams any day.

5. Plus, the students you teach are alright really. 

6. Lesson planning takes up way more time than you expect, especially if you’re trying to do something a bit creative.

7. But only spending 12 hours a week in work gives you loads of freedom.

8. Which means getting to explore the area you’re in.

9. And travelling the rest of the country at weekends. 

10. Your Instagram game is always on point while you’re away.

Sooo much material to work with.

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11. After the initial novelty and excitement, it’s weird trying to adjust to everyday life in another country.

It takes a while to realise you’re not just on holiday and you literally live in a foreign country now.

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12. Not being able to easily see your friends and family is hard.

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13. But people will always be wanting to come and visit you because you live somewhere cool.

And probably warmer than the UK.

14. Properly living somewhere rather than just going on holiday teaches you things about the country’s way of life you never expected.

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15. You bond with other people in the same situation and end up making new friends.


I teach English and beer pong #hireme #teachingabroad #southkorea #busan

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16. While your home friends are dragging themselves to 9ams or doing real jobs.

They’re all jel.

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17. And if you go while you’re still an undergrad, you get a fourth year of uni when you get back.

Anything to put off an office job for a little bit longer.

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18. But you kinda forget how to study while you’re away. 

19. When people ask you what you’re doing with your life you actually have an interesting answer.

That time I went and did some teaching by the beach with a new friend #dosonbeach #vietnam #teachingabroad

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20. And getting really good at your chosen language opens up loads more career options.

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21. It can be hard when you just miss being somewhere more familiar.



22. But in the end, you’ll never regret the experience.

With sunsets and friends like these…#thailand #sunsets #phuket #teachingabroad #adventures

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