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20 Things All ELL Students At Kent Can Relate To

1. Understanding the reading and then not having a clue what’s going on after the lecture.

How is this even related?

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2. When your lecturer introduces terminology or a theory that you have never seen in your life and says ‘you should know this’.

This is definitely brand new information.

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3. When you and your course-mate present your power-point to the class and you still don’t understand the topic yourselves.

Please do not listen to anything we say, we have no idea.

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4. That one week of every term when you have three essays, two presentations and a group project due in.

This is it, this is how it ends.

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5. Having to look up the definition of almost every word in the reading.

What language is this?

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6. Hearing the example ‘the present king of France is Bald’ more times than is necessary.

Is that the ONLY example you have?

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7. When the reading says ‘Use the following simple formula..’ and then presents an algebraic equation of hieroglyphics.

There is nothing simple about this explanation.

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8. When you are asked to do an in-depth analysis in 1,000 words.

What kind of sick joke is this?

fuck 74

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9.  When you’ve just finished your presentation to the class and the seminar leader starts encouraging everyone to ask you questions.

I’ve just told you everything I know.

middle finger

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10. How it feels trying to find the ELL department in Rutherford.

They’ve moved it again, they’ve definitely moved it.

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11. When you look at your choice of assignment titles on Moodle.

I hate all of them.

computer throw

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12. Attending the SECL information evening purely for the free wine.

And a tiny bit of information too…

wine giph

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13. When you finally understand something only to discover that there are several different types of what you just understood.

I preferred it before it got complicated.

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14. How people look at you when you say ‘and linguistics’.

Why doesn’t anybody know what it is?

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15. Always approaching anything you say in lectures and seminars with an air of ‘I’m not 100% but is it..’ 

You never know with this subject.

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16. When you spend weeks on your assignment and only get a 2.2.

I demand you mark it again.

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17. Similarly, when you started your essay on the day it was due and pull off a 2.1.

How. Did. This. Happen.


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18. Being eternally grateful for how much better the ELL discussion group makes you feel in deadline week.

We’re all in this together guys.

group hug

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19. When lectures and seminar leaders gave you the advice to start on your reading over the summer.

But you didn’t .. obviously and now you regret your decision.


20. When you get picked on by the seminar leader to answer a question you don’t know the answer to.

group pres

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But you’re too proud to say so, so you have a go instead.

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