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24 Awkward British Problems You’ve Probably Encountered at University

University can be a very problematic time for the awkward and the British. And the awkward British.

1. Being asked to say ‘a few words’ about yourself.


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2. Meeting so many new people in your first week that you forget their names but you feel too awkward to ask.

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3. Pretending you’re really busy in your room because you feel too socially inept to go into the kitchen and talk to your new flatmates.

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4. Having to watch your flatmate’s drama performance because you were too polite to say no.


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5. Skipping a lecture to avoid the shame of walking in three minutes late.

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6. When your favourite mug is stained from drinking too much tea but you can’t be bothered to wash it.

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7. When you have to use your hair dryer to warm up because the heating has broken but you don’t want to be the one to complain again.

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8. Finding it annoying when your parents call but feeling abandoned when they don’t.


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9. Going out for an intellectual gathering with your new university friends and coming home with a sticky t-shirt, two traffic cones and a bruised knee.

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10. Feeling like Richard Branson when your student loan comes in.

And spending like him too.

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11. And regretting it over the next few months when you can no longer afford the things you want.

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12. Feeling far too disappointed when you see that someone has helped themselves to your milk.

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13. When people are being too loud in the library so you show your annoyance by staring angrily at the back of their heads.


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14. When your flatmate invites their annoying friends over and you have to pretend to enjoy yourself.

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15. Getting to second year and realising ‘I’ll wing it’ doesn’t cut it any more.

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16. When you are forced to do a group essay.

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17. Trying to play it cool when the train conductor walks past you because you can’t afford the ticket home.

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18. Wanting to take your jumper off in a lecture but not wanting to attract any attention.


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19. When your tutor says you’ve made a good point and you feel like the next Stephen Hawking.


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20. But then someone else says something and you have no idea what they are talking about.

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21. When you accidentally touch the kitchen surface and you know it hasn’t been cleaned for at least two months.


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22. When workmen come to fix something and you feel too awkward to leave your room.

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23. Not being able to find the book you need in the library so doing without because you don’t want to ask for help. 


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24. And when your housemate offers to cook for everyone and you have to pretend their food doesn’t taste like death.

BBC / via digitalspy.co.uk

BBC / via digitalspy.co.uk