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17 Things You’ll Already Miss If You Graduated From a Liverpool Uni This Year

Every city has its positives but Liverpool is in a league of its own, and there’s a lot to miss when you’ve graduated.

1. The scouse accent.


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2. And occasionally not being able to understand anything anyone was saying.

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3. How friendly everyone is there.

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4. And the scouse sense of humour.

5. The Raz on a Monday.

The epitome of Liverpudlian student life ❤️

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6. And let’s not forget Level Wednesdays.


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7. Exchanging your soul for a Quad Vod at Faculty.

Quadvod timeee #faculty #nightout #liverpool

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8. And learning to become immune to any and all weather conditions.

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9. Feeling like a local when you judge tourists for thinking Scousers actually use the ferry to get across the Mersey.

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10. And hearing people call anyone from the Wirral “wools”.

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11. Walking down Mount Pleasant to see the Liver Birds on the skyline.


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12. And being able to go to the Albert Docks whenever you like.

Can't believe I only have several weeks left in this amazing city 💙 #Liverpool #albertdocks #nofilter

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13. Five Dollar Shakes from Santa Chupitos.

Even though you never really liked them. They just looked really cool.

14. Dancing on the altar at Alma de Cuba.

Even if you could only go near the place when your loan had come in.

15. And of course, the best pizza ever.

Deliveries are go! Who needs a summer bod when you can cuddle a food baby for acceptance. #pizza #food #AmericanPizzaSlice #pizza #Liverpool

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16. But most of all, you just really miss being there.

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17. Liverpool, we miss you.

I guess being back in my favourite city could be worse 😍

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