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37 Thoughts Every Student Has About Going Back To Uni After Christmas

Christmas is over and after being at home for A WHOLE MONTH you have to go back to uni. The adjustment period can be lengthy and exhausting…

1. Why didn’t I do more work?

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via imgur.com

2. I really shouldn’t have eaten so much.

3. How do you cook again?

4. What are deadlines?

5. Why do I feel so lost?

via huffingtonpost.com

via huffingtonpost.com

6. Did I remember to pack everything?

7. What day of the week is it?

8. How long can I get away with leaving the decorations up in the house?

9. When am I next off uni?

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via giphy.com

10. January exams, why do you exist?

11. Oh my God I need to pay for my own food again 😭

12. Why did I not buy things like toilet roll before I came back?

13. I miss Christmas.

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via giphy.com

14. Why does it always go so quickly?

15. Ugh my bed at uni is so uncomfortable.

16. Hello referencing, my old friend.

17. Wait. I’ve forgotten how to reference… again 😩😫

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via tumblr.com

18. On a positive note I have missed my uni mates.

19. The WhatsApp group just wasn’t the same.

20. I don’t want independent responsibilities any more.

21. Maybe I should just stay in bed all day and watch movies.


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22. At least I got some money for Christmas.

23. And I don’t have to tell anyone what time I’m coming home.

24. Or when I’m leaving the house.

25. And I can watch what I want on TV.


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26. My sleeping pattern is so not ready for 9am lectures.

27. How do you even start an essay?

28. Why have half of the people in my seminar disappeared?

29. I WILL get 100% attendance this year. I am determined.

via forum.canucks.com

via forum.canucks.com

30. Or maybe more like 70%.

31. I’ll just spend more time in the library, I’ll be fine.

32. Where is the library again?

33. How do I miss my family already I’ve only been back five minutes??

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via thefrisky.com

34. Why can’t my friends from home live closer?

35. When is loan day?

36. I should probably be revising right now.

37. I’m ~so~ happy to be back.


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via mtv.com