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7 Things You’ll Regret Buying Cheap at University

When you’re a student it’s very tempting to go to the pound shop and buy all your living essentials as cheaply as possible. After all, you need money for booze. But there are certain things you should never scrimp on…

1. Toilet Roll

When you’ve got a bad hangover you’ll really hate yourself for buying that 1 ply sandpaper. It’s all about the quilts.

toilet paper


2. Bin Bags

There’s nothing worse than, after days of playing the balancing game with rubbish, taking the bins out when your hands go straight through the weak bag and weeks’ worth of filth falls all over the floor. It’s a sturdy investment to splash out on some nice thick bin bags.

via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

3. Beans

Yes, beans. Imagine your worst hangover, all you want is that greasy full english to make you feel human again. Cheap beans will not suffice, it’s hard to tell whether they’re actually beans or lentils. And is that tomato sauce or red water?

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

4. Bras

Maybe one for the girls, but buying cheap bras is definitely not worth it, they’ll last the best part of a month and you’ll eventually end up with that metal wire jabbing you right in the sensitive spots.



5. Shoes

Buy cheap shoes and you’ll just end up spending more money buying replacements. Nobody wants a wet foot because you spent £3 on some “Converse” that split in the sole after only one walk of shame.



6. Shampoo

Cheap shampoo can really cause problems, like dry scalps or greasy hair. Possibly not your biggest concern right now, but something to bear in mind.



7. Bread

If you’re going to buy value bread, you may as well just eat the receipt you got when you bought it.



But despite all these, there’s still no avoiding the cheap vodka.