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15 Things You Wish You Knew While You Were Still at University

There are a number of things we probably should have been told before going to university. Many of us made our first mistakes in Freshers week(s) so lets try to keep this as chronological as possible.

1. Don’t buy the Freshers wristbands.

Spontaneity is underrated massively.

via Tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

2. Get to know your neighbours.

Because this may be the only time in your life that you actually like them.


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3. At least try to do everything in moderation.

A night to be remembered should actually be remembered.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

4. But don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Stumbling home drunk on a tuesday afternoon or using dishwasher tablets in the washing machine is not considered a learning experience when you graduate.


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5. Join all the sports and social stuff.

It is actually just a great way to meet like minded people or try something new.


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6. Have an open door policy.

University is best enjoyed with friends.

Via www.teen.com

via www.teen.com

7. Don’t forget about your other friends.

You are never too busy at Uni lets face it, sometimes it is worth the effort to not lose touch with people.

via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

8. Don’t try so hard to be cool.


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9. Actually turn up to university.

You may find yourself skipping a whole unit because the lectures happen to be at 9am

Via thedailyspikes.com

via thedailyspikes.com

10. Find a few cool places for taking people on dates.

As appealing as a Wetherspoons often is, you should change it up a little bit.

via gurl.com

via gurl.com

11. You don’t have to go “out out” to enjoy yourself.



12. If you do go “out out” then dance.

Even if you are terrible (which most people are) it looks and feels less awkward than standing still with a drink in your hand.

Via www.tumblr.com

via www.tumblr.com

13. Learn a language.

You have a lot of free time, might as well use it Mon’Amie.

via rebloggy.com

via rebloggy.com

14. Having a deadline three months away does not mean you have a two and a half month grace period to procrastinate.



15. Finally, just don’t stress.

Things like exams seem stressful but as long as you try your best that is all you can really do, save your stressing for the real world and enjoy uni while you can.



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