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10 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate

Your time as a student is almost over. Make sure you use the last of it wisely.

1. Visit every library on campus.

Like a pub crawl, but productive.



2. Visit all the galleries and museums you’ve been meaning to since first year.

It’s cultural, but most importantly, it’s free!



3. Buy some university clothing.



4. Then go to a Varisty event or sport’s match and support your uni, even if you don’t actually like sport.

giphy (2)


5. Milk your student discount for all it’s worth.

You won’t get discounts like this again until you’re old and grey.



6. Savour being able to sleep in before the 9-5 slog snatches it away from you.

giphy (5)


7. Enjoy the Sourz, shots and fish bowls while you can. You’re a bit too old for that once you’ve graduated.

giphy (6)


8. Devise a plan.

Be it a job, a festival, holiday or a gap year, organise something that will fill the immediate post-uni void.

giphy (7)


9. Invest your last EVER student loan installment in something significant, like a holiday or a car.

Anything but alcohol, really.

giphy (10)


10. But most of all: Make the effort.

Don’t fall at the last hurdle; nothing ices the university cake better than finishing with the grade you wanted.

giphy (9)


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