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12 Things You Learn to Hate About Being a Student at University of Southampton

You might not go to Solent, but not everything is perfect at UoS. Still, there’s a reason this list is shorter than theirs.

1. Trying to find a desk in Hartley.

The problems of securing somewhere to sit in the library are well-documented on Tell Him/Tell Her. During exam time, a desk complete with plug socket that isn’t too near to the toilets or too far from the café is worth more than your fees.


via ditchthelabel.org

via ditchthelabel.org

2. Portswood and its locals.

It’s Soton’s classiest area and home to Manzil’s, Sprinkles, Jesters and Sobar. However, there’s a love-hate relationship between its student population and the “normal” residents, and when it comes to some (such as the old guy who trips up girls with his walking stick), there’s not much to love.

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3. The intra-mural rivalry.

It’s fun to abuse each other at first but the bus chants soon get a little bit tiring. Connaught might walk on water but is it worth losing your voice over?


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4. Sussed.

Accessing past papers or trying to get any of the information you’re looking for from the uni’s web portal is harder than getting a 2:1.

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5. Facebook groups.

You thought a great way to help navigate uni life was to join groups with names like “University of Southampton First Year BA History and English Literature Glen Eyre Halls Chancellors’ Courts Freshers 2013/4”. Twenty minutes later your newsfeed is blocked up with people asking how to access past papers.

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6. Jesters’ dancefloor.

With its cheesy tunes, cheap drinks and notorious hygiene standards, the Palace of Dreams very nearly lives up to its nickname. Except that after about 10pm a trip to the df means drowning in a sea of sweaty, topless students screaming along to Baywatch.

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7. Other people in Jubilee.

Top offenders are the people who insist on going for a walk on the treadmill at peak times. Also on every gym-goer’s hit list are the socialites who text whilst on the crosstrainer and the guys who seem to have mistaken the chest press for a regular chair.

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8. Lover’s Walk.

There’s nothing romantic about the city’s most ironically-named and dimly-lit pathway.


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9. The maths building.

Just reading “Building 54″on your timetable is enough to make you break into a sweat. Do you wait half an hour for the lift or take the stairs and risk a heart attack?

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10. The Cube.

Apart from a few nights during Freshers’, the only time you’ll consider going to your SU is on Elections Night. And even then it isn’t full. SUSU is the uni’s answer to Gretchen Wieners.


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11. Chick-o-land.

It seems like a great idea at the time but when you wake up to find a box of half-eaten cheesy chips and greasy chicken bones, you vow “never again”. Unfortunately you probably won’t remember this the next time you stumble out of Jesters.


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12. Uni-link.

If waiting for the U1 often seems like Purgatory, trying to get on the morning bus from Wessex Lane is Hell.

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via tumblr.com

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